Welcome to Love City


Love City is going to be a mobile phone game by Active Ingredient set to get hearts racing across the East Midlands on 14 February 2018. Players send messages of love between Nottingham, Derby and Leicester. Introduction

Who are Active Ingredient?

Using everything from household chemistry to emerging technologies, Active Ingredient explore the relationship between real and imaginary spaces in an attempt to unlock everyday magic from the rigid systems of new media. Artwork and research has involved the use of robotics, live streaming media, artificial intelligence, pervasive technology, interactive video and gaming. Active Ingredient have rapidly established a reputation as artists, creative mobile game developers and interactive media pioneers since its inception in 1996. Based in Nottingham, Active Ingredient has two mobile phone projects in development. Love City has been commissioned to develop the bonds between Nottingham, Derby and Leicester.

What is Love City?

Love City is a utopia, a dream of a better world or something more decadent, a wild fantasy place. Love City reflects the city you live in. Love City has no centre but is at the centre of everything. Love City is not just a place it is alive. Buildings breathe into existence in the blink of an eye. In Love City you make eye contact with everyone you meet and you always mean what you say.Love City is a place where you can answer the big what ifs?

Is going to be able to be played on mobile phones, city walls and the web, Love City invites three cities to fall in love via text message. Players act as a matchmaker for their city. The aim of the game is to fall in love. By linking with someone from a different city your score increases. Love City can be populated by anyone with a mobile phone or access to the web. Large screen events will see Love City Live in February 2007. Love City launches on Valentines Day for a two week romance across Nottingham, Derby and Leicester.