Most Awesome Relationships in Video Games

We live in a world where love is fickle and relationships end in a blink of an eye. If there is anything that the gaming world has taught us, it is that love knows no bounds and the characters represented here know exactly what true love is, and how love is enduring and powerful. Now while I’m talking about romantic love, there is also just love for another person as a brother, sister or a friend, the kind of love we will get to see in this feature, where characters have sacrificed so much for that love.

Many video gamer critics argue that video games are full of mindless violence and lack authentic emotion. Clearly the critic who says that hasn’t played Mass Effect 2 or Gears of War or Legend of Zelda. In fact many of us could learn a thing or two from these characters. With that said, here are some of the best relationships in video games that we have come to cherish and can learn a thing or two from these characters.

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